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Eve Adams


Eve Adams Endures
by Mary Lynly

It was January 1986 and she was on a stool 17 inches off the floor when she fell. She had socks on and she slipped. She said she felt her knee crush and heard bones break. X-rays showed the leg was broken in 19 places! Fortunately, a good micro orthopedic surgeon spent hours putting her leg back together and made a new knee out of her pelvic bones. She lived with two metal plates and 14 screws. She spent one and a half months on a motion machine in the hospital and at home. Since she needed assistance she stayed at her longtime friend Fran Thompson’s home for a month. She endured crutches (which she said were a challenge) and then had to suffer opening the wound when she got a staph infection but the metal plates were removed to be sure the grafts healed. At last, she got to go home. Rehab took two years.

She bowls on Wednesday.

You can’t keep someone who loves bowling away from the lanes and since she slid on her left leg, which was damaged, she had to get over her traditional four steps and use three and finish on her right leg. She continues to bowl with her right hand and a brace on the damaged leg.

So many good people have come from Oklahoma and Evedene Underwood is one. Her paternal grandmother was an American Indian and her grandfather was Irish. Eve came to California in 1942 at the age of 12. Her family moved to El Cajon where her father worked in the shipyards and her mother bought five acres in Tokay grapes where all helped work the land. The grapes were taken to Escondido to be pressed for wine.

The land had been subdivided into five acre lots and a family bought five acres next to Eve’s family vineyard which is where she met Vern Adams. Vern spent some time in the US Army and then a couple of years getting to know Eve and on May 22, 1948 they married. They moved to Linda Vista which was better for Vern’s asthma and moved into their first (and last) home where Eve has been for 66 years! The first of their three children, Linda, was born on October 13, Eve’s birthday, in 1949 followed by Daniel and Sheryl.

Eve got into bowling like so many of us in the years when bowling centers were appealing to housewives to come in, take lessons and join a league. The free babysitting was the real drawing card. She soon opted for a bigger league and the first meeting saw her coming away as Secretary. Sound familiar? She really became enamored with bowling and the league concept and worked to increase the size of the league. She joined a travel league at the invitation of Hall of Famer Connie Bechtel who convinced her to join the San Diego WBA Board of Directors. Ultimately she became president of the SDWBA when it had 28,000 members. She later was elected a director on the California WBA state board and is a Member Emerita. Eve endeavored to make everything better than she found it and in 1985 she was inducted into the San Diego Hall of Fame. She met her longtime friend Fran Thompson at a National Convention in Phoenix, AZ. And their friendship has endured through her 38 National Tournaments and 60 years. They have spent numerous summers and trips abroad together and even though Fran has retired in Washington State they manage to spend time at each other’s homes each year.

Vern had health problems and went through six bypasses and passed away in 1986. They had spent 38 years together.

Eve is a hardy, alert 88 years young person and says she loves bowling where her “old” friends love bowling as much as she does. The camaraderie is wonderful and no one sets the world on fire but you do your best and enjoy. She revers her 60 year friendship with Fran. At one point she actually averaged 184 and hit a high series of 686! She’s proud that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and her daughter Linda had served as President of the Tulsa, OK USBC and was honored in their Hall of Fame in 2017. They say attitude is everything and Eve Adams is proof.

She bowls on Wednesday.

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