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California Bowling Writers has adopted a new charity!
by Mary Lynly, CBW Publicity

”Four paws, two feet, one team”—

Operation Freedom Paws nonprofit organization was founded by “California Bowler and Veteran” Mary Cortani in 2010 and has provided service dogs and training support to veterans at no charge and others who suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, complex PTSD, traumatic brain injury and other physical, neurological, psychological and mobility needs. According to experts, service dogs help empower people with disabilities to live quality lives.

Operation Freedom Paws carefully matches clients with their specially chosen four-legged companions, most of which come from rescue shelters. The partners then begin a 48-week program which trains the clients to train their own dogs. At the end of the program, they’re certified together as service dog teams.

The charity for 2018 kicked off on June 10, at the CUSBC meeting – Make donations payable to CBW and mail to Treasurer Tina Martin, 57 Shields Lane, Novato, CA 94947-3877.

Help CBW support this worthwhile charity.

15th Annual Charity Donors

Bette Addington
Annette Anderson
Pauline Armstrong
Kathy Bruegeman
Phyllis Castrovinci
Shirlee Darr
Donna Dillard
Gary Foreman
Lynn Graves
Al Hoffmann
Barbara Hureaux
Paul Kramer
Mike Lucas
Mary Lynly
Tina Martin
Eugene McCown
Donna Morales
Carolyn Sabaca
Donald Way
Marianne Evans
Jae Etcheverry
Jim & Tina Martin
Mary Lynly in memory of Paul & Jim Lynly
Mary Lynly in memory of Red Pfeiffer
Phyl Knoll and the Rainbowettes, Strikers and Roaring 90's League Bowlers
Nancy McCall
Ramona Clark
Lucia Capron
Darlene Fogleman
Ann Arnott
Southern California Proprietors Assn.
Gary Forman & Family
Donna Morales & OFP Tournament
Frank Weiler
Donna Dillard
Helen Young
Ron Dorville
Gary Foreman
Bowling Centers of So. California ..honoring the memory of Bill Mossontte
John & Brenda Lynly honor of Mary Lynly & Belle Kamsler &
... in memory of Paul Lynly, Jim Lynly & Donald Kamsler
Lupe Burke.. … in memory of collie "Angel" Lassie's Baby
Hannah Fliegel
Carolyn Martinucci
18th Annual Marijane Viat Holiday Fun Tournament
Pat memory of Marlene Fisher
Eloise Cottrell
Traveling Ladies Bowling League
Camellia City 500 Club
Rosie Parker
Avocado 600 Club

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